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Product Condition

We generally sell products in namely 3 conditions:

New Sealed Pack (Factory Sealed):

In this case the product is absolutely new and the packaging is sealed. The customer can be rest assured he is buying a genuinely new factory sealed product with the same warranty duration that is initially assigned by the Manufacturer / Importer in India.

Warranty Details:

Since these are sealed pack products, warranty is strictly from the manufacturer only for one year or as mentioned on the product box or our item specifications page.

New Open Box

In this case what you can expect is a Genuinely New unused Product with all accessories just as it comes from the Manufacturer. The only difference here is the seal of the package would not be sealed and the box of the product may have some kind of wear and tear. The package may also have some tape marks. In short the packaging of the product may look a little old however the product will be absolutely New – Unused.

Warranty Details:

Same as New Sealed pack as the product is still new just that the seal is open.

Open Box Refurbished

Often the word REFURBISHED gives an impression to a common man that it has been repaired, or the body of the product has been changed. The fact is far from the same. These products are the ones which may just have some usage marks or may be some accessory of the kit that comes along with the package is missing. In such case, we source the missing accessory and complete the kit of the package. Example: A Samsung Galaxy Note 9 does not have a charger or it is faulty, then we source the charger and complete the kit. Having an experience of over 10 years in Refurbished category, we know exactly how to test these products to ensure it is ready to be sold. We do this to ensure that the customer does not have to go through the trouble of replacing the same.

In short this condition means: The seal of the product would be open. The packaging of the product may have some kind of wear and tear, some kind of tape marks etc. The product too, may have some kind of usage marks. However, the product would be in 100% working condition and with full accessories as packed by the Manufacturer.

Warranty Details:

These products are open box however it still has manufacturer warranty on it for 6 months. So be rest assured your product is covered for 6 months. Please note, for more detail on the manufacturer warranty terms and conditions, please check on the manufacturers site as most of the companies do not has lot of conditions in claiming warranty like water damage, physical damage etc. is not covered.