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Yes! Gromo Retail encourages resellers.

We want to reach customers from all parts of the country so that they can benefit from our products and pricing however, in a highly populated and largely diversified country like ours, we have to accept the fact that we cannot reach everywhere. We hence need resellers whose network can help us reach across the country, not to forget in the most mutually beneficial way.

Dealing in wide variety of categories, enables us to cater almost all reseller’s demands in this highly dynamic trading business.

In order to attract the right type of resellers, we have mentioned few categories that we deal in. This will help you understand our product’s portfolio better before actually contacting us:

Mobile Accessories:

Headphones, Memory cards, Power banks Etc

Small Home Entertainment:

Bluetooth Speakers, Soundbar, Home Theatres & Laptop / Desktop Speakers

Selector Box, Media Player & Audio Player


Smartwatch, Smartbands, Smartglasses Etc

Computer Accessories:

Routers, Monitors, Keyboard , Mouse, Pendrives, External Hard Disk & Printers


DSLR, Point & Shoot, Camcorders & Sports – Action Camera

Lens, Tripods, Flash lights, Gimbals etc

Small Home Appliances:

Mixers & Grinders, Juicers & Food processors, Blenders

Geyser, Vacuum Cleaner, Water Purifier & Induction Cooktop

Iron, Electric Kettle, Sandwich Toaster & Pop-up Toaster


Gas Stove, Pressure Cooker, Dinner Sets, Casserole

Cleaning mops, Bottles & Containers

Home Improvement:

Drill Machine, Drilling Kits, Angle grinder, Blowers

Screw Driver Set, Allen key, Surge protector, Heat Gun & Cutter

Home Furnishing:

Bedsheet, Pillow covers & Curtains

Auto Accessories:

Car Stereo, Woofers, Amplifiers & Speakers

Car Pressure Washers, Bike Covers, Helmets etc


Football, Volleyball, Cricket balls, Racquet, Shuttle Cocks

Gym Equipment, Gym Accessories, Cricket Kit

Leather & Travel Accessory:

Suitcase, briefcase, Messenger bags, handbags, Backpacks

Laptop bags, Rucksack, haversack, Travel Accessories

Wallets, Keychains, Leather belts.


Sport Shoes, Formal / Casual Shoes, Flipflops, Etc

Ladies Sandals, Bellies, Flats, Kids shoes


Shirt, T-Shirt, Jeans, Trousers, Cap, Tie, Track pants

Top, Jeans, Dress, Under garments

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